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Understanding Providers Of OMNI 403(b) P3 Plans As A Teacher

This article aims to provide accurate and reliable information on OMNI® and its 403(b) P3 providers. As of this writing, school districts have 35 providers they can include in their retirement programs.

Who is OMNI?

OMNI® works with school districts as a third-party administrator (TPA) for 403(b) plans to ensure that the IRS regulations governing these plans are adhered to. They also assist employers in sending 403(b) donations to affiliated service providers. If OMNI acts as your TPA, your school district may choose any of the 35 OMNI P3 Preferred Providers, each with various account options, pricing models, fees, and investment products.

If you find an OMNI P3 supplier not already offered to your school district, you can proactively contact your HR department to request their addition. Often, all that is required is to flip a switch. Additionally, if you inquire about it, some providers might provide an ROTH 403(b) alternative you can employ.

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Description of 403(b) Compare

When vendor information is accessible on 403bcompare.com, links have been supplied. This website offers a comprehensive, unbiased compilation of information on 403(b) merchants and the products they provide. Staff members of California’s county offices of education, community college districts, and local school districts can use the platform to make wise investment decisions.

Even though neither NY (not Omni 403b) nor the vendor information has a comparable, unbiased resource, the vendor information is accurate and applicable to K–12 school employees in NY.

The links below are offered for your information when you start choosing your 403(b) option or consider changing it.

How Can You Simplify Your 403(b) Provider List?

It’s not simple to compare service providers, examine pricing structures, and identify hidden charges. Your school district and OMNI® are unable to recommend specific service providers.

But it’s important to research 403(b) providers because your decision will affect the future of your retirement account.

Disclosure: This information is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. Please consult with a qualified financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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