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About us

Welcome to Teacher Retirement Plans,  I’m Jason Crump, the proud founder of this initiative. Over the past two decades, I’ve had the honor of serving as a financial advisor to remarkable families and founding various investment-related enterprises.

Recognizing the prevalent challenges in the industry, I established this company to address a significant issue I’ve observed throughout my career.

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About Author

Bill Wallace

I have a background in international business with extensive experience traveling the world. I specialize in financial planning and retirement advice for teachers. 

our misson

empower educators with reliable financial resources

At Teacher Retirement Plans our mission is clear: providing teachers empowering and reliable finance resources to help secure their retirement as well as current financial life.

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why choose us

Choosing Teacher Retirement Plans as a trusted source of resources for your financial life means selecting years of knowledge and experience in the field, which, you want to develop in.  

With our experienced and devoted founder and a pro autor with years of knowlage and insights in the invest world you get:

  • Personalized resources for educators
  • Expert guidance access
  • Transformative support
  • Partners committed to your financial well-being

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